Sydney M. Art160 Fall 2014 ASC

I’m Going Home

I must say despite what my blog posts might say about me and my experiences in this class, I enjoyed this semester. I went into my college experience knowing I wanted to minor in studio art. Thank goodness I chose to get this 160 class out of the way this semester otherwise I might not have been able to experience the greatness that is Nell Ruby. (I wonder if she remembers interviewing me during Scholar’s Weekend last school year…hi!). One thing that I have repeated over and over and remains true right now is that I have learned to trust and focus on the process, not the product. All the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s do not always matter, especially in art. I have produced some work that I am quite proud of in this class. I have been graced by the exposure of my classmates’ wonderful work as well. Some of us my have had experience in an art class before, others may not have. I don’t entirely think it matters because I believe all of us have learned a lot about themselves as people and artists. So, Thank You guys for gracing me with your presence. Thank You, Nell, for being such a wonderful instructor. I hope to be in another class of yours.

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