Sydney M. Art160 Fall 2014 ASC

Carry Out

What have you taken from this class so far?

So far, quite honestly, I have not been completely satisfied with any piece I have completed. I know…I cannot ‘should’ myself anymore. I cannot compare the outcome to my preconceived image of what the outcome ‘should’ look like. I aim to keep this as some sort of a mantra whenever I go into an art project from now on. However, looking back on the beginning of class in August to here in October, I feel that this class has a mix of students who may have been comfortable with their art making skills and are now jolted into going out of their self-made comfort zones or are completely new to this ‘art class’ experience and are nerve wracked. I believe I am in the former category. I guess that is something I have taken from this class… I did not previously realize I had dug my way into some artsy comfort zone before all of 30 seconds ago while writing this reflection. I think I feel someone uncomfortable and anxious about what I create in this class because I have not created anything like it before. I know what I like to draw and I feel that I usually draw well, but the moment you bring in cut paper (which I do not exactly adore) or making the perfect outline of a wooden chair (which was not as perfect as I intended) suddenly my little art journey gets shaken up. There is a part of me that knows I should be shaken up but there is another that wants to resist it so much. This internal struggle will probably make for some interesting art and extremely polarized views about one or two pieces I will create but we will see how that goes. I am enjoying this new creative process as a whole. I am learning. That has been the goal.

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One thought on “Carry Out

  1. “I am learning”–best comment ever.


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